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Stomach Surface Piercing

Tapered surface piercing done with titanium barbell.

Redid our room.

We decided the cruise ship colors had had its run so its time to tone it down a bit.  Black, grey, and white everything!  Except for our floor.  Which we […]

Tragus to Conch Project

This piercing was done on Heather.  First time she had anything like this done.  Very excited to do more work like this!

Conch Orbital

Sam gets a lot of cool ear piercings.  This is a conch orbital that i was so happy to do.  Definitely the best piercing of the new year!

Welcome to our new website!

We decided to retire our old url and go with what we have been calling ourselves for the last 3+ years.  IPRICKU is a combination of my initials and my […]