Monthly Archives: September 2015

Renewed our bloodborne pathogen certificate

Last weekend I decided it was time to retake my bloodborne pathogens exam. It was set to expire on the 22nd of this month. I sat through 2 hours of […]

Body Gems now available at Bound for Glory

Excited to finally have a small collection of their gold body jewelry. Just a couple pieces for now but we have a bunch of gold on its way to the […]

Faux snug piercing w/ Anatometal jewelry

This client came in and wanted something fancy and different.  After looking through our collection of high quality piercing jewelry she chose these threaded ends from Anatometal.  One flower cluster […]

Versatile Piercing Seminar

This past weekend I attended the Boston Tattoo Convention and took Ryan Ouelette's "Versatile Piercing" seminar. I got to watch as Ryan performed everyday piercings. His nose piercing technique is […]