Monthly Archives: May 2015

Attending our first APP conference

From June 6th to the 13th I will be in Las Vegas at the 20th annual APP conference. This will be my first time there. It is a huge honor […]

We can now anodize jewelry in store!

Don't know why we didn't get one of these sooner. We can now anodize our implant grade titanium jewelry to almost any color. The options with color combinations are endless! […]

Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing

Taylor is a client from the local college here and wanted something different. We pierced her with an internally threaded labret and a 4mm flat cz end. The end result […]

Our new exam table

Super happy to welcome our newest member to the family. After the recent problems we had with our dentist chair it was finally time to say goodbye. Dealing with hydraulics […]