Monthly Archives: March 2012

Titanium Stripe Tongue Rings

These tongue rings are made fro titanium and are available in 3/4 of an inch in length as well as 7/8ths.  Stop in and pick one up or check out […]

Suprasternal Surface Anchor

Single point surface anchor with 5mm clear cz top.  Stop in for a consultation and see if you're ready for one today!

Deniro Surface Anchor

Single point piercing done on upper temporal bone.  These generally take the shortest time to heal because most clients are less prone to aggravate this area especially if you have short […]

2 Gauge Spring Loaded CBR

316L Stainless Steel 2 gauge captive hoops with a spring loaded bead. Measuring a half inch in diameter. Perfect for using as weights for stretching.  Stop in and grab one! If […]

Blackline CZ Navel Rings

2 lengths available at the moment (1/2 and 7/16ths) but more to come next month.  Available in 8 different CZ colors.  Stop in and snag one before the summer gets […]