Monthly Archives: June 2011

Blue Turquoise Stone Star Cutout Plugs

Big variety of these in store from as small as 1/2 inch to as large as 2 inches. Stop in and grab a pair!

Hope’s Piercings

We've done a ton of work on Hope. Piercings and surface anchors. The monroe is actually a single point piercing along w/ her deniro. Her cheeks are still a bit fresh […]

5mm Blackline Dermal Tops

Another brand new item in store are these larger dermal tops. They are available in 12 different cz stones and are perfect for initial surface anchor procedures.

Coming Soon!

Super Gemmed Tunnels in many different styles and colors. We have a lot of new stuff that will be rolling in this summer so check us out!

4mm Blackline Dermal Tops

Available in 12 colors. Got a lot in stock at the moment. Stop in and pick up some today!