Monthly Archives: September 2010

Surface Anchors

We have been doing different types of body mods for quite some time now.  Surface anchors have become pretty popular over the last 4-5 years.  Here are 2 recent surface […]

New Stone Jewelry

Today we have 2 "FIRST"s to show off.  These Opal Rings.  A bit heavy and not for everyday wear, these hot ear rings are available in as small as a […]

New Horn Organics

For the last day of the work week we figured it would be wise to show of our hottest new additions.  First up is a pair of hand carved hangers […]

Water Buffalo Bone Organics

Today we are showcasing 2 new pairs of organic jewelry.  The first is a hand carved pair of ear hangers.  These are available in sizes 8g to 2g.  Next we […]