Monthly Archives: May 2010

Sabrina’s Lip Piercing.

Sabrina was very quiet before, during, and after the piercing procedure.  She sat very well.  Her father was very into hockey, which is always great for me.  My clients know […]

New Jewelry

Some plain stuff for this week but trust me its still some really nice stuff.  Monroe studs w/ some really cool stones on the ends of them.  Navel rings w/ […]

Hope’s Daith Piercing

Hope has TONS of cool work which include a vertical labret, surface anchor and this awesome ear piercing.  Aside from piercings Hope also loves our jewelry.  Here is a pic of […]

Eric’s Nape Follow-up

Heres eric's nape piercing we did a couple weeks back.  Lookin real good, dont you think?   Im glad Eric was able to heal this given his line of business.  Thanks again for […]

New Opal Plugs w/ Star Cut-out

These plugs are H-O-T HOT!  Check em out!  So excited to have something like this.  Available in a half inch all the way up to 2 inches.  They match almost […]