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Surface anchor on wrist

Healed surface anchor done about 4 months ago.  Client came in to switch top.  Snapped a photo before we changed it.

Hip Surface Anchors

These single point piercings are on Katie and she did a really great job at healing them.  During this visit she got her back dimples pierced as well and I'm sure they are healing great as well.

Lower Clavicle Surface Anchors

2 single point piercings done under the clients collar bones.  Performing surface anchors on Staten Island for years, why chance a procedure like this on someone who is just learning?  Stop in for a consultation and see if you’re ready for one!

Rib Surface Anchors

These were done in the same sitting on the right side of the clients rib cage.  These single point piercings are very popular now so why go to someone with no experience?  We have the experience, tools and jewelry on site now.  No waiting for us to "order" supplies.  Stop in for a consultation and see […]

Conch Punch

2 gauge conch punches.  Walk in for a consultation and get them done the same day.  Other places can say they do this but talk is just that.   Here at i Prick U we talk and we do.  And we have been doing these for quite some time now.  So why chance going to someone […]