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Conch piercing w/ 18k gold end from Body Gems

I performed this conch piercing close to 10 years ago. I had the pleasure of upgrading the jewelry to this pear shaped milgrain end featuring a white opal setting from Body Gems. We have a large selection of gold body jewelry in stock from America's top countries. Stop in to Bound for Glory and check […]

Daith piercing with an Industrial Strength clicker

The daith is one of the reasons I became interested in performing piercings. It's such a fun piercing to do and always looks amazing. This client chose a beautiful septum clicker featuring white opal settings from Industrial Strength. Because of a few recent publications, there have been a lot of people coming in lately expecting […]

Faux snug piercing w/ Anatometal jewelry

This client came in and wanted something fancy and different.  After looking through our collection of high quality piercing jewelry she chose these threaded ends from Anatometal.  One flower cluster featuring a white Swarovski crystal and blue opal settings and one blue opal bezel setting anodized ice blue.  She decided on a snug piercing but […]

Reverse Laced Corset Piercing

Another fun project on our friend Aurora.  This time an upper thigh piece which we reverse laced.  Came out great!

Snug Piercing

Always the most difficult piercing to heal (from what I've heard) but one of my favorite ear piercings to do.