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More work on our room

Today we received more tilt bins to store our sterilized jewelry.  We feel that showcasing the piercing jewelry on the wall like this invites a lot of conversations and allows us to discuss jewelry materials as well as sterilization.

Our Jewelry Case

Nick Caruso, owner of Bound for Glory Tattoo, went out and purchased this beautiful vintage jewelry case and we were so happy to fill it with our jewelry.  Everything about the shop is great!  I love the clientele here, all of the artists are awesome people and are truly talented.  Not to mention having an enclosed room […]

Our room is taking shape

We have been at Bound for Glory for almost a month and it is nice to be doing so many genital and other private piercings again.  Here is a peek at what our room looks like so far from the outside.  Hopefully by the new year we are settled in.  There are still a bunch […]

Help spread the word!

Help us tell everyone that we have moved to a new location!  Share our posts on Instagram and Facebook!  Reshare this photo.  Check out the corset i did on Nikki.  First piercing at the new place.

Now located at Bound For Glory!

Bound for Glory Tattoo

We have moved to Bound for Glory Tattoo as of March 4th.  We are very happy to once again provide 100% privacy in a clean and sterile environment. Something that was truly lacking at our last location.  I will be working alongside some amazingly talented tattoo artists as well as a list of guest artists […]