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New Autoclave

Today we made a huge upgrade to our piercing room!  We now have a StatIM 2000 which is a Class-S autoclave utilizing a cassete.  This will allow us to sterilize instruments, needles, and jewelry prior to every procedure. We are forever learning here at i Prick U and we want the best for our clients. […]

15 Year Anniversary

15 years doing one thing is a very long time.  I am very fortunate to have such loyal clients as well as such a great reputation to continue to get new clients.  I would not be here without my clients or my mentor Ericca Colton.  I learned so much from you at Studio Enigma and […]

First Aid/CPR & BBP

Today we renewed our First Aid / CPR training as well as Bloodborne Pathogen / Cross Contamination training.

Paint job

We had enough of people saying the color looks similar to another shop we had worked at so... We painted!  Also installed a new wall cabinet which is something we had been missing out on for quite some time.  Someone knows how much we missed a cabinet let alone four walls and a door surrounding our […]

Bright Lights

We have went and purchased some new fluorescent lighting for our room which makes it shine bright like a diamond... Did I really just say that?  Maybe I am just too excited about having an enclosed area again.  Get in here and lets get to work!