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15 Year Anniversary

15 years doing one thing is a very long time.  I am very fortunate to have such loyal clients as well as such a great reputation to continue to get new clients.  I would not be here without my clients or my mentor Ericca Colton.  I learned so much from you at Studio Enigma and […]

First Aid/CPR & BBP

Today we renewed our First Aid / CPR training as well as Bloodborne Pathogen / Cross Contamination training.

Paint job

We had enough of people saying the color looks similar to another shop we had worked at so... We painted!  Also installed a new wall cabinet which is something we had been missing out on for quite some time.  Someone knows how much we missed a cabinet let alone four walls and a door surrounding our […]

Bright Lights

We have went and purchased some new fluorescent lighting for our room which makes it shine bright like a diamond... Did I really just say that?  Maybe I am just too excited about having an enclosed area again.  Get in here and lets get to work!

More work on our room

Today we received more tilt bins to store our sterilized jewelry.  We feel that showcasing the piercing jewelry on the wall like this invites a lot of conversations and allows us to discuss jewelry materials as well as sterilization.