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Minor tweaks to our room

Nothing too crazy. Finally mounted the monitor to the wall. Our StatIM is now away from the sink. Going to make the sink foot activated and figure out what to do with our huge storage cabinet that has become an eyesore. Also need to print up some newer photos but happy to have some of […]

HEPA Air Purifier

Today, once again, we have went above and beyond with this purchase.  We found a great deal on this Electrolux HEPA Air Purifier and couldnt say no.  Now the air in our room will always be clean!  Continuing to learn and provide the cleanest work environment for our clients.

New Autoclave

Today we made a huge upgrade to our piercing room!  We now have a StatIM 2000 which is a Class-S autoclave utilizing a cassete.  This will allow us to sterilize instruments, needles, and jewelry prior to every procedure. We are forever learning here at i Prick U and we want the best for our clients. […]

15 Year Anniversary

15 years doing one thing is a very long time.  I am very fortunate to have such loyal clients as well as such a great reputation to continue to get new clients.  I would not be here without my clients or my mentor Ericca Colton.  I learned so much from you at Studio Enigma and […]

First Aid/CPR & BBP

Today we renewed our First Aid / CPR training as well as Bloodborne Pathogen / Cross Contamination training.