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Received my APP conference certificate!

I am super happy to finally have my certificate from the APP conference that I attended back in June. The certificate serves as a reminder of such a pivotal week in my career. Makes me smile looking at it remembering my time with the rest of the volunteers (love you guys!). I took 14 classes […]

Renewed our bloodborne pathogen certificate

Last weekend I decided it was time to retake my bloodborne pathogens exam. It was set to expire on the 22nd of this month. I sat through 2 hours of videos and got a perfect score on the exam.  Next year I will have to retake both BBP and First AID.

We can now anodize jewelry in store!

Don't know why we didn't get one of these sooner. We can now anodize our implant grade titanium jewelry to almost any color. The options with color combinations are endless! This is another huge upgrade for us and we are pleased to finally have the machine at the shop. It has come in handy especially […]

Our new exam table

Super happy to welcome our newest member to the family. After the recent problems we had with our dentist chair it was finally time to say goodbye. Dealing with hydraulics and motors is not exactly our forte. This will be the first time in over 12 years that we pierce in something other than a […]

We now carry NeilMed Piercing Aftercare

After many years of refusing to carry aftercare we finally found a product we truly believe in. NeilMed wound wash only contains 2 ingredients (sodium chloride and water) and doesn't burn when using it. Clean your piercing with this for one second every 5 hours (usually 3x daily).  Simple enough!